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tear it away
  • Nobuchika: hearing your autoplay coupled with the flower crown pictures really brings it home on shogos blog
  • Daddy Levi: this is the most beautiful thing anyone has said to me about my shougo blog

double the flower, double the fun.
irieshouichi51 replied to your post
that’s a fun way to spend valentine’s day //or whenever it comes out

valentines 2015 yep. such a fun day it will be

requested by inspector-megane

special for inspector-megane

when 50 shades of grey horror movie comes out i want to liveblog it as shougo



It was always so cute how Shougo insisted on calling that asshole uncle. “He’s as stubborn and senseless as always.” Which was to say very stubborn but never senseless, at least past the surface, which made him all the more fun. “Occasionally we have playdates.” 

Oooh, seemed that uncle Kyoya and mama were having a lot of fun together. “So uncle hasn’t change at all. How cute. Tell him hi from me nect time you see him, please mama? I also miss playing with the fluffy bird that was always with him." Hibird was adorable and nothing will ever change Shougo’s mind about that.



Of course. Easily bored, like his father. It was uncanny how Shougo aligned to Byakuran’s tendencies sometimes. “How is Senguji?”

Lively as always. Plays around with his dogs a lot, lately." And some new shooting and hunting targets as well. The old man really did like to hunt. "Speaking of hunting, how is uncle Kyoya doing?

agamemnoncrying :  6. makikou. rule 63 is genderbend. o3o

6. Rule 63; makikou (oooOOOOOH)

She had never been one who cared about the opinions of others. She never truly cared about how others see her as well. Shouko had been raised to always follow in what she thought of as right and never follow the foolish ways of others – her mother had cemented this one thing into her since the days when, rather that murder and chaos, Shouko amused herself with fictional stories and braiding daddy’s hair when he was asleep.

But then she met… Well, rather, saw Kougami. A man that rivaled her own genius mind and fought against her ideals of the world and structure and society. It was refreshing to finally find a match, someone worthy of her attention.

Go for the man that excites you, honey. Not for the man that you love.” Her mother had told her once. Love was foolish, Shouko knew it. There was nothing more fragile and useless than love. At least, in the world that she lived in. She didn’t love this man. She loved the world, in a way, the sound of destruction and screams as the rules and foundations of this twisted society crumbled before her eyes. By a touch of her hand.

She didn’t love Kougami.

She was excited by Kougami.

Born enemies, two sides of one coin. Some bullshit about light and darks and shadows and sunlight. It wasn’t something as simple as that. It never could be that simple with Shouko, because while she was evil in the eyes of this twisted country, she wasn’t evil in the eyes of those who had stopped to follow the path forced upon them.

Her own position and worth were muddled, just like Kougami’s. Justice? What was justice anymore and who was the one who really brought justice into these webs of control and power? Which one of them was the true evil, which one was the savior and good? Both were, in away – both were evil and both were saving lives.

“What do you fight for, really?” She whispered to the man who hunted her down and sniffed out every single footprint she left behind. Her fingers twisted and played with Kougami’s hair, her body pressed against strong chest.

“Justice. Truth.” His hand slid along her back and stopped on the curve of her hip. “What do you fight for? Chaos?” he turned his head to look at her, the fingers gripping her hip tighter. They had already gone over these questions times before, but the answers always changed.

Shouko laughed, leaned down and placed a small kiss on the man’s cheek before leaving the bed. She took the sheet with her, wrapped around her body. “Me? I fight for… Let’s see…” her smile was teasing when she turned around to look at Kougami, “I fight for the sake of people. For freedom.”

As the sun rose once more Shouko left the hotel and disappeared back into the shadows of the alleyways and secret paths that wound around the city. Next time she will meet this man they will be enemies once more, she’ll erase the trail behind her to hide from this hound dog’s nose and pull another screw out from the slowly eroding SIBYL system, bringing it closer to falling.